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In a Niagara R2 Modbus integration, can the 4 view changes that are cached by the JDE be modified?


In Chapter 5 of the Niagara R2 Modbus integration manual, the following note describes the JDE "View Cache":

... After viewing linked Gx objects in JDE, polling will continue for the associated shadow objects in PollOnDemand containers until that view is removed from the view cache. Typically, this means 4 view changes before polling stops...

In an effort to reduce the number of shadow  objects being polled (on a large job), can the 4 view changes, that are cached, be reduced to zero?


Niagara R2 Modbus


The 4 view changes are by design.


There's no way to configure the number of view changes or manually clear the cache.  Closing the JDE and re-opening it is the only way to stop the values from updating.

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