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In a network with multiple Automation Servers, changing IP addresses don't always propagate properly throughout the network.


The properties of any server, Enterprise Server or Automation Server, in SmartStruxure has a Communication tab that will list the IP addresses of all associated servers on the network. Changing the IP address of an AS requires every other AS to know about the change in order to preserve any server-to-server communication. In the example below, the system has been engineered in-house on a 10.10.x.x network domain. It was then moved to site where the domain of the ES and all AS were changed to 10.159.x.x.

Viewing the Communication tab on the ES shows all IP addresses have been properly updated:

However, if the DNS/IP Address column is viewed from the Communications tab of one of the Automation Servers, the results vary as to which IPs have been properly updated:

Automation Server
Automation Server
Automation Server

If there is any communication between two Automation Servers, and the IP addresses have not properly updated, then communication between them will break.


  • SmartStruxure
  • Enterprise Server
  • Automation Server


Any change to an Automation Server's IP address must be represented in the Enterprise Server (if there is one). It must also be updated in all associated Automation Servers.

It is best practice following the change of any IP address on the system to perform a refresh of the addresses from the Enterprise Server.


  1. Right Click on the ES
  2. Select Advanced>Repair Server Communication
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