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In an oBIX integration of a Niagara R2 station, can the imported R2 alarms be displayed in red when in alarm?


Doing a R2 to G3 oBIX integration.  The alarms in the R2 station have been successfully imported into the G3 station.  However, they are as 'normal' in the G3 Alarm Console when they are actually in alarm.  How can they be configured to change color?


Niagara G3 oBIX integrations (any version)


R2 native alarms are NOT oBIX 'Stateful Alarms', meaning there is no defined 'lifecycle' of an alarm event (unlike native G3 alarms).

As a result, R2 imported alarms appear as "normal" (green alarm bell) source state events when routed to the G3 Alarm Console.


Add native G3 alarming proxies to provide the red color of an alarm.

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