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Inconsistencies when editing a TAC Xenta time schedule from StruxureWare Building Operation Workstation.


  1. When a TAC Xenta time schedule, which spans midnight, is edited from the StruxureWare Building Operation Workstation, the result is inconsistent. Even if the schedule appears to be correct in Workstation when saving, the changes might not have been applied correctly in the TAC Xenta controller.
  2. It is not possible to edit a TAC Xenta exception time schedule from a StruxureWare Building Operation Workstation.


StruxureWare Building Operation 1.4.1


Functionality mismatch.


  1. When TAC Xenta time schedule which spans midnight or a TAC Xenta exception time schedule should be edited don't use StruxureWare Building Operation Workstation, use the Menta editor or the OP panel.

    If a Xenta time schedule has been configured to span midnight, i.e. 17:00 to 06:00 the next day, from the Workstation, the information in the time schedule is no longer reliable, and it is recommended that the schedule is deleted in the Menta editor.
  2. If a TAC Xenta exception time schedule is to be edited via the StruxureWare Building Operation Workstation, then, instead of editing it, delete the schedule and create a new one. Or, edit it from either the Operator panel or the Menta editor.
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