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Infinity Programs must be used when programming Infinity Controllers. Program objects (Non-Infinity programs) should not be used to program Infinity Controllers.


Can Program (non-InfinityPrograms) objects be used to program control sequences in Infinity controllers?

Programs (non-InfinityPrograms) in our Infinity Controller are not working reliably. 


  • CyberStation
  • ACX
  • BCX
  • i2
  • B3


  • When we edit a Program object (non-Infinity Program) in our controller. when the program is saved it continues to work as if there was no change made to the programming.
  • Programs in our Infinity or Infinet controller are not working reliably.


  • Program objects are intended for use in the Workstation only, not in Infinity Controllers, Infinet Controllers or MSTP controllers.
  • When programming Infinity controllers or Infinet controllers you must use InfinityPrograms only.
  • When programming the Workstation, Programs (non-Infinity) must be used.
  • While program objects may or may not work marginally, they should not be used when programming Infinity Controllers.
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