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Infinity controller time management across multiple time zones.


Continuum is configured with a separate Continuum Network for each time zone.  However, when a workstation in one time zone sets the time in a controller in another time zone to the current time, the UTC offset does not adjust the time by the number of hours difference between the two zones.


  • Cyberstation
  • Time Zones
  • Continuum Networks
  • UTC
  • Time Synchronization


Need to synchronize controller times across multiple time zones.


The local time for controllers in each Continuum network must be set by a workstation program. 

Controller times are set on each Continuum Network by setting the time in the Infinity Controller with the lowest ACCI ID.  This is done using a Plain English program in the workstation.  All other Infinity Controllers will automatically synchronize the time and date to the controller with the lowest ACC ID.

If the workstation and the Continuum Controller are in different time zones, the program must compensate for the time difference by calculating the controllers local time from the workstations local time.   This does not happen automatically.

This is because the value that is being set in the controller is the system variable that represents the controllers local time and date, and not some external time and date.

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