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Installing PCC-10 or PCLTA-21 network cards on a Windows 7 PC


Procedure for installing PCC-10 or PCLTA20/21 network cards on a Windows 7 PC


  • Vista
  • Menta
  • LonMaker
  • Windows 7


Installation procedure differs from earlier versions of driver software.


The PCC-10 and PCLTA-20/21 network cards work on Windows 7 (32 bit) PCs when the OpenLDV 4.0 driver is installed.  This driver is installed automatically when Lonmaker Turbo SR4 is installed, but if this version of Lonmaker is not present the driver must be installed manually.  The latest drivers can be obtained from the Echelon download site:

Note: The PCLTA-20/21 card is only supported on 32bit windows operating systems. For 64bit systems use a NIC-USB as mentioned in this article.

Install the drivers before fitting the card in the PC.

Please note that OpenLDV4.0 requires .NET Framework 3.5 SP1.  This is not included as a subset of .NET Framework 4 or later, so must be installed separately.  You can have multiple versions of .NET framework installed on the same PC.

The following description is for the PCLTA-21 but the PCC-10 is similar.

To change the system image or perform diagnostics, you must go to Control Panel and open the Lonworks Interfaces application:

  1. Click Start on the taskbar, point to Settings, click Control Panel, and then open the LONWORKS Interfaces application.
  2. Click the PCLTA-21 interface in the list view on the left side of the user interface to display the interface's properties in the details pane in the right side.
  3. The details pane lists the PCLTA-21 card’s system image and transceiver properties.
  4. To change the system image used by the PCLTA-21 card, click anywhere in the NI Application
    property, click the box to the right, and then browse to and select the desired system image from
    the LonWorks\Images\PCLTA21 folder.

Note: For more information on configuring, testing, and diagnosing the PCLTA-21 network interface, see the LonWorks Interfaces online help.

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