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Installing new Plug-Ins to an LNS Database


Most TAC Plug-ins come with the Toolpack and are installed into the correct drive and available to be registered through an LNS management tool, like LonMaker or NL220.  This article describes the steps to follow if a new plug-in has been downloaded and needs to be added to the system.


  • LNS Plug-ins
  • Viconics Stat Plug-In


In order for a plug-in to be used, it must first be downloaded, installed, and registered.  But sometimes merely placing it in the correct directory will not allow for the LNS tool to register the plug-in.


  1. Download the plug-in .exe file
  2. Place the file into C:\LonWorks\Apps\TAC directory
  3. Double click the .exe file.  This brings up a dialog with options to register/unregister the new plug-in.
  4. Register the plug-in.
  5. Launch LonMaker or NL220
  6. The plug-in should be available to be registered in the LNS management tool.
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