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Instructions for downloading and installing Vista 5.1.5 on an operating system older than Windows 7


5.1.5 is now packaged into two different spanned archives because of how large the installer files have become. At this point there is a 300 MB file limit on exchange online and the 5.1.5 installer package is now 336 MB, hence the reason the installation package had to be split into two archives.

Because the installation package is a spanned archive it will need to be opened with WinZip or a compatible archive program. In these instructions we will be downloading and installing WinRar to open the installation archives.

Note 1: WinRar is technically not free software, but it does allow its demo license to extend on past the demo period. It is at the customer’s discretion on what legal and compatible archiving software they chose to use.

Note 2: The built in zip archive program in Windows 7 will open this spanned archives without fail.


Vista 5.1.5 software download on any operating system older than Windows 7


File limit set on exchange online and the built in .Zip extractors in older operating systems do not have the capabilities to open these spanned archives.


  1. Create a folder on your local C: drive and name it 5.1.5
  2. To download and install WinRar please visit and find the appropriate version. If you would like to use Winzip instead, please visit to download and install the appropriate version
  3. Navigate to exchange online at Download Center login, and click the links Product >TAC Vista >Vista Software >TAC Vista 5.1.5 >Downloads
  4. Click the file named TAC Vista Server 5.1.5 with Workstation (File 1 of 2) and save.
  5. Save the file to the 5.1.5 folder created in step 1.
  6. Click the file named TAC Vista Server 5.1.5 with Workstation (File 2 of 2) and save.
  7. Save the file to the 5.1.5 folder created in step 1.
  8. Allow the downloads to finish and navigate to the location of the 5.1.5 folder.
  9. Right click on the file named and select Open With > WinRar archiver
  10. WinRar should open the archive file and you can now double click and run the TACVistaServer515.exe file within it. This exe file will access the other file  (TACVistaServer515.z01) within the 5.1.5 folder automatically during the install process.
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