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Integrated Dial Function


Integrated Dial Function


I/NET Site


This function provides one-way communication between a PC and one or more LANs when you configure your system as "Dial" using the I/NET Setup program. The PC can dial out to a LAN but the LAN cannot dial out to the remote PC. You must use a US Robotics 56k modem model 5686E and a 78010 Tap at each LAN you want to call. You must have a second US Robotics 56k modem model 5686E connected to the PC doing the dialing.


Define the phone numbers for the PC using the Phone Numbers Editor that appears in the Host portion of the Edit menu when you configure your system as "Dial."

You must configure the modems attached at the call initiating end (modem connected to the host PC) and the call receiving end (78010 Tap on the controller LAN) so they communicate with each other.

Define the address, name, modem speed and telephone number of up to 64 remote devices per host.

  1. Select Edit Host Computer Phone numbers from the main menu. The system displays the Phone Number editor.
    This editor allows you to add, delete, modify, or copy phone numbers. This editor also lists the remote sites you can access from this host. If you have not added any sites, the fields are blank.
  2. Select Add. The system displays the Phone Numbers - Add editor.
  3. Select the Index (0 to 63). This number determines which line in the list will display this entry.
  4. Enter a Name for the remote site (up to 16 characters).
  5. Choose a Dialing Speed from the drop-down list. The speed you select must be equal to or less than the maximum speed of the modem performing the dial out.
  6. Define a Telephone Number (up to 31 characters). Start the number with a "T" for tone dialing. No "T" indicates pulse dialing. Use a comma to indicate a two-second pause.
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