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Integrating a MPM with Modbus devices (i.e. power meters)


Some Modbus meters can be integrated to a MPM using the built-in widgets (MOD1 checkbox enabled). 
Other Modbus meters require a LUA script. With LUA scripts, the MOD1 object (Modbus config) must be disabled (MOD1 checkbox disabled).
Can two Modbus meters be integrated to the same MPM, with one using the built-in widget and the other using a LUA script?


SmartStruxure Lite


Modbus devices


Unfortunately, both meters must be integrated with LUA scripts or both must be integrated via built-in widgets.

By keeping the internal Modbus driver enabled (MOD1 checkbox enabled), the Modbus component in the script will not work.  The two will conflict.


The two Modbus meters must both be integrated via LUA script or by built-in widgets.

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