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Integrating third party devices via MPM CANbus


Is it possible to integrate third party devices that communicate using CAN to an MPM?


Third party CANbus devices



A third party device,( for example Woodward genset controller) communicates via CAN (Controller Area Network). Can the CANbus of an MPM be used to integrate such devices with SmartStruxure Lite?


The CANbus protocol is only used between MPM's and the data exchange protocol is built-in. We are aware of one instance where the CANbus port was used to communicate with an end-device using CANopen therefore some commands do exist, but it is not documented anywhere and not tested or supported by R&D.

This isn't recommended as a viable solution and Modbus should be used for this type of integration. A Google search brings up this page that has a few options for conversion of CAN to Modbus however none of these devices have been tested by PSS or R&D.

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