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Interfacing M-Bus meters to Modbus.


Interfacing M-Bus meters to Modbus.


  • Sigma
  • IC3-Modbus
  • Mbus
  • Modbus
  • Kampstrup
  • Heat Meter
  • Multical 601


Multical 601 M-Bus meters are required to be interfaced with the BMS.


  1. A M-Bus/Modbus converter (RS-485, RS-232 or TCP) and configuration software are required. The converter  and software are available from SyxthSense or similar suppliers.
  2. Using the converter and software setup the M-Bus/Modbus system without the BMS system connected.
  3. The M-Bus/Modbus converter will automatically assign the M-Bus registers as Modbus registers. From the software note the tables and registers used.
  4. Create the Modbus registers as required for the BMS system used.

For Sigma - Create the gateway.txt, connect and configure the IC3-Modbus. A sample of the gateway.txt can be downloaded here.

For further M-Bus information see Lessons Learned Article #5629

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