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Intrinsic Alarms (Controller Status, etc) - What are they and how do they work


Intrinsic Alarms (Controller Status, etc) - What are they and how do they work


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Alarm not written to the database and available via ListView


Intrinsic Alarms - What are they and how do they work

Intrinsic alarms are let’s say built-in alarms on each Continuum workstation. The event notifications for these alarms are located under the templates directory in the Continuum Explorer. The event notifications for these intrinsic alarms will need to have recipients added to them and configured in order to receive alarms at the workstations. They function a bit differently than regular alarms since for one there is no alarm enrollment, hence the built-in part.

Please look at these alarms as machine specific. Having said that, if you have two workstations and machine A is set to log the alarm and is in the recipient list and machine B is in the recipient list without being set as log for the Controller Status. When a CX controller goes offline you will receive the alarm in both workstations, but will only be logged to the database when machine A has acknowledged based on the Deactivate criteria. If you have both machine A and machine B both set to log the alarm, as mentioned before each alarm is machine specific, then two alarms will be logged into the database. 

There intrinsic alarms below work as described.
Controller Status
Fault Status
Logon Status

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