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Invalid Address for all values shown in TAC Vista for imported NCP or SNP network.


After importing a pointlist to XBuilder and downloading the XBuilder project, all values both in TAC Vista and on a values page in the Xenta Server are shown as Invalid Address. VisiSat is still working and you can connect to the controllers using the Xenta Server as a IP tunnel.


  • MicroNet
  • Xenta Server


This is due to a problem with a double point address in the pointlist, meaning that two points have different names, but the same table reference.


Make a new pointlist in VisiSat.

Mark all the points in the pointlist and copy all the points to the new pointlist. You will now get an error message showing you which point is represented more than once in the pointlist. Correct the points until errors stop, copying the entire pointlist. Export the pointlist for XBuilder, and import it again. Download to the Xenta Server.

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