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Invalid Card Format in Version 3


Card being denied access at a Reader when attempting Simulated Card Read



Win 8.1 and above

Version 3


Card format is not assigned or created in the Controller


To resolve an Access Denied Invalid Card format, the Card Format must be present in the System and assigned to the controller. The following steps shows how to accomplish this:

1. If the card is read, a Message will show up on the Live Monitoring Window with the Raw Data from that card

2. Use the Raw Data to deciper what format the card is as well as the Facility Code and Card Number

3. From the Access Configuration Tab, Click on the Card Format to Create a new Format

4. Assign it to the Controller, then reboot it to push the changes down

5. Add the necessary Access Levels for that card as well as the user

6. To test use the Simulated Card Read function in the Reader

7. Right Click on the Reader, Simulate Card Read 

8. Enter the values and card number and verify in Live Monitoring that the card has worked


9. Once presented to the Reader, an Access Granted message would show in the Live Monitoring Window, depending on Hardware Configuration for Door Contacts etc.

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