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Invalid Handle ID error when reloading controller.


After doing a save to database from a controller an attempt to reload the controller results in "Invalid Handle ID" or "Object not found in database" for every object in the controller.



CX9xxx controller.


Bad object instance ID in the database.

In the Continuum database each object in a controller contains the instance id of its owner controller in the ObjectIdHi field of its instance ID, this is illustrated in the screen shot below, Num1 is an InfinityNumeric created in the controller named NC2.42.

You can see that the ObjectIdLo of NC2.42 becomes the ObjectIdHi of Num1

Somehow during the process of reloading a CX9200 via HyperTerminal followed by a save to database, all the objects end up with the wrong controller id in their ObjectIdHi resulting in the aforementioned error on reload.


  1. Put CyberStation in offline edit mode.
  2. Send the controller to ASCII file.
  3. Delete the controller.
  4. Import the file created in step 2 to re-create the controller and its objects.
  5. Put CyberStation online
  6. Reload the controller.
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