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Is it necessary to purchase NL220 credits when converting a fully operational LonMaker database to NL220?


Regarding the purchase of NL220 credits for devices that have previously been commissioned in LonMaker: Do the devices need to be recommissioned in NL220 once the conversion is complete?


  • NL220
  • LonMaker
  • Vista


Conversion of LonMaker database to NL220


It is NOT necessary to purchase NL220 credits for the purpose of converting from an existing Lonmaker database to NL220 if the devices are already commissioned in LonMaker.  All of the nodes will show up in NL220 as commissioned as long as the devices are still commissioned in LonMaker when you begin the conversion.


*Note: When an original LonMaker Credit is replaced with an NL Credit, the LM credit will be lost.

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