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Is it possible to pre-define Workstation log-in settings for each user that logs on to windows on the PC?


Is it possible to pre-define Workstation log-in settings for each user that  logs on to windows on the PC? This would enable each user to be directed to the correct Vista server without any user input.


Tac Vista 5.1.X workstation.


On some sites it's desirable to restrict access to certain Vista servers. It can also be desirable to pre-configure the server details so the customer does not need to remember it.


The short answer is that it's not possible to pre-define these settings. However it is possible to change the registry HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\TAC\TAC Vista Workstation\5.1.7\ODLoginMgr\Settings\CLoginDlg for each user (this requires that the user or IT dept log in with this user account). Access can then be restricted in Vista so that certain user can only access certain servers.

Edit the registry

1. Open the startmenu and click on Run...

2. Type regedit and click on OK

3. Browse to the  HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\TAC\TAC Vista Workstation\5.1.X\ODLoginMgr\Settings\CLoginDlg.

4. Set appropriate values for CLOGINDLG:211 (show options - 0 = don't show; 1 = Show); CLOGINDLG:217 (server name); CLOGINDLG:5006 (Windows User or Vista User); CLOGINDLG:5016 (Domain if Windows User selected).

5. Attempt to login in to Workstation and confirm the settings are appropriate.

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