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Is it possible to upgrade a bCX1-R to a bCX1-CR in the field?


Is it possible to upgrade a bCX1-R to a bCX1-CR in the field? (upgrade router to controller / router)


bCX1-R (bCX4000)

bCX1-CR (bCX4040)


Want to upgrade a router only controller to a controller/router to provide the ability to add objects and programming to the bCX1.


Yes you can upgrade a bCX1-R to a bCX1-CR in the field.

You will need to order the upgrade from Repairs. They will supply you with a flash file to disable the Router only functionality and to adjust the node count. Once the flash file e-mailed by the North Andover Repair Dept has been downloaded to the controller, the appropriate revision bCX4040 file will need to be downloaded from the Buildings Business Extranet to activate the 4040 Controller Router functionality.

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