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Is it possible to view an Xenta server webpage from webstation without having to log in?


Is it possible to view an Xenta server webpage from webstation without having to log in?


TAC Vista Webstation 5.1.X


A customer may wish to have a seamless integration of the Xenta server in Vista and in Vista webstation. In workstation it is not necessary to log in to the Xenta server when viewing pages from the Xenta server.


Vista's webserver is unable to serve login details to webstation so at little work-around is required.

  1. Create a hyperlink in Workstation.
    1. Right-click in Workstation and select New-->Object-->Hyperlink.
  2. Create an HTML document which redirects to the desired Xenta server webpage.
    1. In a folder that Vista has access to create a new text document and name it redirect.html.
    2. Open the file in notepad (or similar) and write HTML code to redirect to the xenta server's web page. An example of this follows where a page called TimeObjectPage1.html is to be viewed in Vista:
      <.meta HTTP-EQUIV="REFRESH" content="0; url=https://xx.xx.xx.xx/www/index/index.html?UID=user,PW=password
    3. Replace with a valid user who has access to the page you wish to view.
    4. Replace with the user's password.
  3. Save the file.

  • Edit the hyperlink in Workstation
    1. Right-click on the hyperlink object and select Properties.
    2. Under URL enter the path to the HTML document e.g. C:\Users\...\redirect.html
    3. Click OK.

  • Launch webstation and confirm that the hyperlink works.



    In order to access a specific graphics page in a Xenta server without having to log in, do the following

    1. Browse the Xenta server with a FTP client to check the exact path of the graphic

    2. Create the URL like this: https://IP_address/www/info/path_to_graphic?UID=root,PW=root

         Note that upper and lower case is important
         In this example, if the IP address is and the graphic is located in Navigation->Floor 1->Overview the URL will be like this:,PW=root

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