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Is the I/A Series SMS module capable of alarms acknowledgement via a SMS sent from a mobile device?


I/A Series G3 alarms acknowledgement via a SMS sent from a mobile device


I/A Series G3 version 3.5 or later


The ability to acknowledge alarms via a text SMS message sent from a mobile device is required.


The SmsAlarmAcknowledger component (I/A Series G3 version 3.5 and later) provides a way for users to acknowledge alarms by sending a reply to a text message alarm notification. This component is available in the Sms palette.

More details can be found in the section 'About the Sms Alarm Acknowledger' on pages 5-22 and 5-23 of the Niagara Ax 3.5 User Guide or the Niagara Ax 3.6 User Guide.

The Niagara Ax User Guide is included with the installation of the I/A Series G3 ENS software if you have chosen to install documentation during the setup (\niagara\niagara-3.x.xx\docs\docUser).

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