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Is there a way to configure an MN-Sx sensor to allow entry of a differential setpoint such as plus or minus 3 degrees?


Can a MN-Sx differential setpoint be defined using the WPT Hardware wizard?


MNL or MNB controller with any MN-Sx sensor


Project specification requires that all temperature setpoints for a site be fixed and the facility users be allowed to adjust the setpoint  with a relative positive or negative offset.


In the Workplace Tech Tool use the hardware wizard to configure the setpoint with an initial value of 0.0, one decimal place and no limits.

Configuring the setpoint in this manner allows the setpoint to be changed over the range of -99.0 to +999 without limit.

If limits are required by specification, such as a +/- 3 degree limit, the setpoint value from the sensor would need to be passed through a Limit control object to prevent extreme setpoint offset adjustment.

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