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Is there an I/A Series BACnet IP to BACnet MS/TP converter?


Wants to be able to access a remotely located group of BACnet MS/TP controllers via BACnet IP or BACnet-Ethernet.  Do you sell any routers or converters of this type?


MNB series BACnet controllers using MS/TP communications.


Customer wants to use BACnetIP to connect to a group of BACnet MS/TP controllers.


The UNC-520-2 or ENC-520-2, with the BACnet driver installed, can operate as a BACnet IP to BACnet MS/TP router.  These devices allow routing between BACnet-IP or BACnet Ethernet to BACnet MS/TP.  This approach allows for up to four separate MS/TP networks to be routed to the BACnet-IP or BACnet-Ethernet network.

The MNB-1000 provides a single MS/TP bus along with the BACnet IP or BACnet Ethernet capability.

We have not tested and cannot support any third party BACnetIP to BACnet MS/TP converters.

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