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Issues with BACnet alarm text.


When receiving an alarm from a BACnet device, the alarm text display does not match the text entered in the SmartStruxure configuration of the alarm object.

Also performing a 'Recheck' from the alarm viewer results in the alarm text fields going blank.




BACnet device


As of version 1.3 SmartStruxure uses BACnet protocol version 6, as a result of that SmartStruxure is not able to read or write the alarm text message from BACnet devices.

If a device includes the text message with an alarm event SmartStruxure will use the message when displaying the alarm in the alarm viewer but on alarm re-check it will use the alarm messages in the SmartStruxure database as it’s not able to read that information from the device.

When using messages from the device and performing an alarm ‘Recheck’ the alarm messages will be blank unless they are set on the SmartStruxure side.

This issue will addressed by SmartStruxure In the future when BACnet protocol revision 13 is supported.


To work around this issue do one of the following:

  1. Configure the BACnet device so that no text is sent with the alarm.

  2. Enter alarm text on the SmartStruxure side to match the text sent from the controller.
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