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Issues with port 80 after WebReport installed on same machine as ES


Issues with port 80 after  WebReport installed on same machine as ES





Port 80 conflict


If you installed everything on the same machine and you didn't change the port on the ES you need to make some changes to avoid port 80 contention

First change the ES port from 80 to something else like 8080

   Open StruxureWare Building Operation Software Administrator
   Change the default port from 80 to 8080
   Stop and Restart the Service
   Open StruxureWare Building Operation Workstation
   Be sure to log in using @localhost:8080 instead of @localhost:80

Then you need to reconfigure WebReport to let I know the ES is using port 8080, this is normally specified during installation, there is an utility that lets you change it very easily which can be downloaded from the community.

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