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JACE-6 Application Director output indicates error: "Unable to init ndio device at ioPort".


JACE-6 Application Director output indicates error: "Unable to init ndio device at ioPort".  After rebooting the JACE, the I/O modules work for a few hours and then appears to drop offline again.


I/A Series G3, JACE-6, IO-16 and IO-34 module


The ndio watchdog mechanism is used to return the NDIO outputs to known default conditions if the I/O module detects an issue or fails. When a JACE is booted, the NDIO processor starts and enters a default state.  At the same time, the NDIO daemon starts and establishes communications with the NDIO processor.  The mechanism monitors communications between the modules and the JACE and triggers a watchdog if the processor doesn't receive any messages from the daemon.  By default, this timeout is 30 seconds. Depending upon the NDIO Ping Monitor configuration, multiple resets of the watchdog will eventually cause the JACE to reboot.


Depending upon the overall load of the JACE (other tasks and services utilizing the engine threads) the timeout may need to be increased to prevent a false watchdog condition. The first step is to increase the Keep Alive Timeout property within the ndio Monitor from 30s to 40s. Once increased, monitor the operation to see if this corrects the issue. If this does not correct, the timeout can be increased to 45 or 50 seconds maximum.  In addition, review services and tasks that may be consuming CPU usage and adjust as required.

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