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Java Null error when opening a Xenta Server Graphics page


When attempting to open a TGML page from a Xenta Server in Internet Explorer receive a Java error "Unknown error: null"


Xenta Server 500 / 700 series 5.03 and above.


The original pages in the Xbuilder project were created as OGC pages, the new pages that replaced the OGC pages are now TGML pages.

This occurs when, the Xbuilder project had an OGC Graphics object that was replace with a TGML Graphics object of the same name, the Graphic page that referenced this object is what produces the JAVA Null issue


There seems to be an issue with the original Graphics page that were created and referenced an OGC Graphic

To solve this

  1. Delete the Graphics page in the Xbuilder project.
  2. Create a new Graphics page with the same name as the deleted one.
  3. Select the new TGML graphic object on the new page with the same name.
  4. Generate the project and download to the Xenta server.
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