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LMTools Licensing Administrator program is replaced with LMAdmin in Vista 5.1.8 or greater


LMTOOLS was not installed on the computer that Vista 5.1.8 was installed on.

Product Line

TAC Vista


  • Vista
  • LMAdmin


The TAC Vista license administrator tool has been upgraded to LMAdmin, a web based license administration tool accessible using a web browser. Existing license files are compatible with the new LMAdmin tool that is included in the TAC Vista Server and TAC License installers.


If the license server is not running as a service, Vista is unable to locate the license, or you need general troubleshooting help then see License troubleshooting in Vista 5.1.8 or greater.

Flexnet License Admin
  • The default license file folder has changed with the new LMAdmin license tool. The new default license file folder is "C:\Program Files\Schneider Electric\License Server\taclic\licenses\". For 64-bit OS the default license path is "C:\Program Files (x86)\Schneider Electric\License Server\taclic\licenses\".
  • The license server administration, LMAdmin, is installed as a web server and is accessible at http://localhost:8080 after the installation; a shortcut will also be placed in the start menu. The location of this shortcut can be found by going to Start > All Programs > Schneider Electric > TAC Tools 5.X.X > FlexNet License Admin.
  • To check what your license file contains, how many seats are available for each program, and how many are in use click on the Concurrent icon.
  • To log into LMAdmin, click on Administration in the top right corner. The default login and password is admin/admin and it is recommended that this is changed after the installation is finished.
  • User accounts can be managed in the Administration area, under the User Configuration tab. Click the New icon at the top of the window to add users. The edit button at the end of the row of each user will allow the user name and password to be changed. There is also a delete button to remove unwanted users.
  • If the computer running the TAC Vista License server enters a power save mode, the license server may have to be restarted manually in Computer Management > Services and Applications > Services.


TAC License Setup

  • It is recommended to use the "License Setup tool" in the start menu instead of the license popup dialog when specifying a license server name or license file location. The License Setup tool can be found here; Start > All Programs > Schneider Electric > TAC Vista Server 5.X.X.
    • Note: When upgrading Vista from a version 5.1.7 or older to a newer version, the old license file path may still exist in the registry. This will not impact the license server in any way. The old path can be removed if you desire through the TAC License Setup.
  • During the installation of TAC Vista Server and TAC License, any license files located in the old license file folder are automatically copied to the new license file location; the original files are not removed.
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