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LON device can communicate in Vista, but fails in a Xenta Server / XBuilder.


Vista Server can read values on a LON device, but when this same device is used in an Xbuilder project for a Xenta Server no values can be read.


  • FT-10 LON Network
  • Xenta Server
  • Xenta 511, 527, 701, 711, 721, 731, 913


The XIF file of the LON Device does not conform to LonMark standards for self documentation. Vista Server can recover from this and assumes all SNVTs are from the default function block, but XBuilder cannot.

On the third line of each variable declaration is the self documentation:

1: VAR nvo01Value 2 0 0 0
2: 0 1 63 1 0 1 0 1 0 1 0 0 0
3: "@1|2

The correct format is to show the functional block number and the member number separated by either a | or # character.

Improperly formatted self documentation include the following:

"nvo01Value      -  Does not define the function block or member number.

"@_1|_1             -  Uses _1 which is not a valid number.

 "&3.4@0,20000-MP580           -Uses a - which is not valid

It can also be because SNVT's from devices are bound directly to Menta programs in a Xenta 7XX. If the procedure below doesn't solve the issue, refer to article #18091.


The XIF file must be edited to correct the self documentation.

  1. Right click on the controller in Vista Workstation and open the properties window.
  2. On the XIF file tab find the file name of the XIF file. Open this file from the $thisfil directory in the Vista database folder.
  3. Modify the XIF by manually correcting these invalid lines of self documentation. It is recommended to use the default function block (0) and start with member index 50 to ensure no overlap. Increment the member number for each SNVT.


  4. Once the XIF file has been updated save it under a new name in the $thisfil directory.
  5. In the device properties browse to the new XIF file.
  6. Log out of workstation.
  7. Log in to workstation.
  8. Insert the LON network into Xbuilder.
  9. Generate the project and send to the device.
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