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Language Pack for each release of SmartStruxure


Language Pack for new release of SmartStruxure


SmartStruxure site with need for Language Pack


Change of revision, Service Pack or perhaps a new release causes need for new Language Pack


The Language Pack is built for each specific version of StruxureWare Building Operation. There must be a language pack specifically built for each hot fix, i.e. for you need a language pack built for that specific hotfix version.

Example: One language pack is needed for Building Operation 1.5 and another language pack is needed for Building Operation 1.5.1.

Language Packs are available on the Exchange Extranet

If you do not see the language pack needed, contact the SSLO via the Buildings Business Extranet for information specific to your region.

If your Operating System (OS) is in one language, and you want to install a language pack for your region, perform the following:
In the file SE.SBO.WorkStation.exe.config in C:\Program Files (x86)\Schneider Electric StruxureWare\Building Operation 1.4\WorkStation add the key below last in the appsettings. Just the one key is necessary for the language needed. (I.e.  for German, it should be ):











 Pay attention to position of this key. If you placed into wrong place, it will make Workstation crash.


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