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Leap Year


Effects of leap year with schedules and BMS


I/NET Site

Continuum Site

Time, calendar, Gregorian Calendar


Leap year adjustment in calendar


I/NET: I/NET will not be affected by Leap Year occurrence if DST and Time Sync is correct in the host computer. For Time Sync errors, please refer to Time Sync Error, Daylight Saving setup, please refer to Configuring Daylight Savings Time.

Continuum: Continuum will not be affected by Leap Year occurrence to controllers or scheduling if the Cyberstation has the correct time. There have been no incidents in the past with regards to leap year. Leap year is no different than some months having 30 days, others having 31. More information on time sync of controllers check Time sync controllers to workstations. To sync Continuum to an external time clock read Synchronize Continuum system to external time clock.

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