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Limitations associated with using Mass Create and Mass Change function with Continuum schedules.


  • Want to update only the events not the commanded variable or configuration points.
  • When using the copy option, this command also change the configuration points.
  • When copying a schedule with only a few events added, the schedule in the target controller has all other events cleared.



  • Cyberstation
  • Schedules


The limitations of Mass Create and Mass Change.


  • In order for the copy function to work, the schedules have to be configured identically.
  • When a copy operation takes place Continuum tries to resolve the object name with respect to the target controller.
  • If it cannot find the same numeric in the target controller, since schedules can only be configured to control numerics or outputs in the local controller, the name cannot be reconciled.
  • When this happens the configuration point link is dropped.
  • Continuum cannot be configured to ignore the name the Occupancy point, the Occupancy start DateTime or the Occupancy Stop date time.
  • Continuum will not merge schedule events within the source schedule with schedule events existing in the target schedule. It simply replaces all events with the events from the source schedule.
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