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Lines not drawn as connected on left side of some control objects when displayed in Visio or in the WorkPlace Tech Tool.


Some connecting lines may not be drawn attached to the left side of control objects.  This may occur when using a new version of the WorkPlace Tech Tool to display an application created with an older version,  For example:


WorkPlace Tech Tool 5.7.x or 5.8.x


Line and Object display coordinate round-off errors between various versions of Visio.

NOTE: This does not affect the processing of the application in the WorkPlace Tech Tool because the real logical connections are stored in the application database.


To resolve this "drawing" issue, it is necessary to move the control object slightly.  When the object is redrawn, the connecting line coordinates are recalculated and will redisplay properly.

If many connecting lines exhibit this issue. you can select all objects on the drawing (use Edit / Select All or Find / Select All menu selection or the keystroke shortcut, Ctrl-A) then move the selected objects a very small amount.  The objects will then be redisplayed with the lines connected.  An easy way to move all selected objects is to use the arrow keys, pressing the Right-Arrow key, wait for the drawing to update, then move everything back by pressing the Left-Arrow key.  Once the drawing has updated, you can click anywhere within the drawing to unselect everything.

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