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Locked Setpoint adjustment from SE8000 Room Controller


Once the occupied cooling and heating setpoints are written from a BMS, the user is not able to change the setpoint from the room controller


Automation Server

Enterprise Server

SE8000 Series Room controller

Viconics branding VT8000 Series

Multi Purpose Manager (MPM)



By default, the occupied setpoint value is written to Room Controller with priority level 16 by the BACnet front end. Attempting to change the setpoint locally using the up and down arrows on the SE8000 Room controller will not be allowed since the Room controller uses the relinquish value internally (priority 17) which will be automatically overwritten by the BACnet front-end.


The work around is to release the BACnet front-end control over the BACnet object using a LUA4RC script. The script can be uploaded using one of the following two methods:

1 - Uploader Tool

A USB cable is required to upload the script. The uploader tool can be downloaded from the Exchange

Download Script

Download Uploader Tool


2 - BACnet

The script can also be directly uploaded via BACnet using the "Description" field as shown in the image below

if (ME.AV92 == 6 or ME.AV92 == 7) then ME.AV39_PV[16] =nil ME.AV39_PV[10] =nil ME.AV40_PV[16] =nil ME.AV40_PV[10] = nil ME.AV92_PV[17] =0 end


ME.AV92 is the Keyboard value

ME.AV39 is the Occupied Heating Setpoint

ME.AV40 is the Occupied Cooling Setpoint

download (3).png


Using this method, the script can be uploaded to multiple SE8000 Room Controllers by following the steps in Lessons Learned Article 18320

For more information about Lua4RC, refer to the Lua4RC Programming Guide

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