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Locked in SmartXKiosk after first-time startup before a password has been set.


After starting up the SmartX Advanced Display for the the first time, the operator find himself stuck in SmartXKiosk mode before having any chance to select a password/PIN code.


Advanced Display v1

Advanced Display v2


 SmartXKiosk has been selected as launcher.

The first time the SmartX Advanced Display is booted up the operator is presented of a choice to use  SmartXKiosk or TouchWiz as launcher. If SmartXKiosk then is selected instead of TouchWiz the operator will enter SmartXKiosk without having set a password first.


  1. Request an unlock code (PIN) from your local support center, which will enable the operator to exit Kiosk Mode.
  2. Press the Home (Hardware) Button at the SmartX Advanced Display. This will enable you to choose launcher again.
  3. Make sure that "TouchWiz" is selected.


Note: In the next release this will note be an issue, since you are forced to select "TouchWiz" at first use to proceed (if SmartXKiosk is selected, you will be promted to choose again)

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