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Logging and Alarms are not working on Modbus RTU X Driver points


When creating Modbus RTU X Driver points any alarms attached to them or logging set up do not operate at all.


Modbus RTU X Driver

All  XDriver enabled controllers


The Modbus RTU X Driver is a Poll on demand X Driver which means it is not within the normal Controller Scan process, so alarms and logging will not update.


As these points are outside of the controller Object Management System (OMS) these functions do not update.

Built into the X Driver is the capability to put an Annex point in the parameter 6 that will be updated along with the X Driver point, these annex points can then be alarmed or have logging attached as they are within the OMS and the controller scan process.

See the Modbus RTU manual for full details on setting up annex points.

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