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Logs from multiple R2, UNCs are being split when brought into the Niagara G3, ENS via Obix.


Obix is being used import logs from the R2, UNC-520 station into a Niagara G3, ENS. The problem is that some logs are being split into multiple histories in the ENS. A single log in the UNC is split into multiple histories when imported into the ENS.


Niagara G3, ENS, Niagara R2, UNC-520


The problem is on the R2 side. The R2 web server uses multiple threads, each servicing a single HTTP request. The R2 oBIX server has a method to resolve the requested URI to an object in the station - usually a Node of some kind. If multiple requests are coming into the oBIX server at the same time, the URI resolution can be invoked by multiple threads. So if one thread resolved a URI to a particular Node, then a second thread came in and resolved a second URI to a second Node, sometimes the second Node could be used to fulfill the first request (as well as the second request). This resulted in multiple copies of the same history when brought in to the G3 ENS. 


Once this problem was clearly identified, the solution was simply to synchronize access to the URI.  The new obix-2.301.535i.beta.jar synchronized this process to eliminate the splitting logs.

Download and install the new R2 obix-2.301.535i.beta.jar file in all UNCs which archives their logs to the ENS.

Reference LL#4361 on installing individual jar files

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