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Lon comms card will not work on HP 6560D Probook Laptop running on Windows XP


The Lon comms card that can be installed in the pciExpress slot on HP Laptops can sometimes generate a "Buffers Full" error. This is an identical fault details in another Lessons Learned article relating to Dell E6400 laptops.


Sigma using IC-3 Lon with Lonmaker for Windows


Micronet when using Lon interface

Using the Lon PCC-10 Card in a laptop that has an express card slot and not a PCMCIA card slot.


There is an issue with some HP 6560D Probook laptop that is provided by the UK IS department to commissioning and service engineers. If they need to use the Echelon Lontalk PCC-10 PCMCIA card then when trying to configure it via the Control Panel applet it will fail giving an error message "Driver Buffers Full" or it will simply fail when running diagnostic tests.


Please click here for details of the Express card configuration for laptops.

Please click here for details of the lessons learned article with the Dell solution. This solution also works for the HP 8560D Probook.

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