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LonMaker menu not shown in Visio when you open LonMaker 3.13


When you open LonMaker 3.13 the LonMaker Menu list is not shown in Visio.




The Visio macro security settings sometimes become corrupted


 To restore the link to the LonMaker software, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Windows Start menu, point to Program Folders, and then click Microsoft Visio. Visio starts
  2. Open the Tools menu, point to Options, and then click Security.
  3. If any of the check boxes under Macro Security are not selected, select them, click OK, and then exit and restart the LonMaker tool. If you restart the LonMaker tool and you see the LonMaker menu, skip the rest of this procedure.
  4. In LonMaker  open the Tools menu, point to Options and then click File Paths tab.
  5. Write down the LonMaker path shown in the Add-ons box, and then delete it. By default, the LonMaker path is C:\LonWorks\LonMaker\Visio. *This should be C:\LonWorks\LonMaker. The path may be followed by a semicolon if there are any additional paths in the list.
  6. Exit and restart Visio.
  7. Open the Tools menu, point to Options, point to Advanced, and then click File Paths.
  8. Enter the LonMaker path you wrote down in step 5 in the Add-ons box. Include the semicolon if there are additional paths after the LonMaker path.
  9. Exit Visio and then start the LonMaker tool.
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