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LonWorks communication abilities of Xenta Server


What LonWorks data is accessible from a Xenta Server and what can the data be used for?


  • Xenta 500
  • Xenta 700
  • Xenta 900
  • XBuilder


There are different types of data accessible on a LonWorks network.

  1. TAC network variables / Public Signals - TAC proprietary communication for signals from Xenta programmable controllers
  2. SNVT - network variables available for bindings
  3. SCPT/UCPT - Configuration properties for LonWorks devices.
  4. UNVT - User defined SNVT.

Data accessible from a Xenta Server can be used in Xbuilder in multiple ways:

  1. Polling - value polled for use in graphics page, values page, alarm, trending, and scheduling.
  2. Connection object - poll and send process to pass value from one device to another (could cross protocols).
  3. SNVT binding - binding from a SNVT created on the Xenta Server.


Use the following table to identify which signals types are supported and how they can be used.

Data type  Polling Connection Object  Binding
 Public Signals  Yes1  Yes1  No
 SNVT  Yes  Yes  Yes2
 SCPT/UCPT  No  No  No
 UNVT  No  No  No

1Xenta Server must be commissioned to have the TAC group address in its address table.

  • Create group bindings in TAC System Plug-in for LNS networks
  • Commission LonWorks network for Xenta Servers in Classic networks
  • Commission and download Xenta Server acting as LonWorks unit in a LonWorks group in Classic network.

2SNVTs must be created by Xbuilder on the Xenta Server device. These SVNTs are then bound using a network management tool such as LonMaker or NL-220.

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