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Loytec NIC709-USB causes WorkPlace Tech 5.X to freeze


When using the LOYTEC NIC709-USB100 LON Interface every time an attempt is made to connect to an MNL controller via WorkPlace Tech 5.X it gives an error "installing device driver" and causes the PC to lock up.


WorkPlace Tech 5.x

Loytec NIC709-USB LON interface


WorkPlace Tech 5.x is not compatible with Loytec LON interfaces.


Only Echelon LON interfaces are supported in WorkPlace Tech 5.x due to it utilizing the Echelon Open LDV driver. The WorkPlace Tech installation instructions notes the following as part of the hardware requirements:-

Echelon™ LonTalk™ adapter card, WPA-LON-x.

Since many newer notebook computers do not have a PCMCIA card slot and therefore must use a USB LON interface an Echelon U10 USB interface (75010R) can be utilized.

Also see Lessons Learned Article #5636 for an adaptor that can be used to convert PCMCIA to Express card.

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