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Lua Program for measuring EnOcean Signal Strength


Lua Program for measuring EnOcean Signal Strength


SmartStruxure Lite


Requirement to measure and alarm from the EnOcean Signal strength.


Download either the txt file or c2g import file.

The file is set to monitor 3 EnOcean devices, either copy the relevant sections to add more devices, or remove to reduce the number of devices.

An AV is required for each EnOcean Device.

In the Lua program, edit the EnOcean Device ID, this can be found in the "EnOcean Device Configuration" properties.

In the Lua program, edit the AVs to those that are to be used.

Edit the AV and add the ID in the description and any other description required.

How the Lua program works:

The Lua script is set to assign each AV an abnormal value (10000) after a time period in (3600) seconds. The EnOcean device will overwrite via the program the value in the AV when a value is received from the device.

For an alarm, create an Event, set the high limit (9999) and a time period set to a value beyond that a signal is received from the EnOcean device. Set the low limit to -200.


EnOcean devices send packets at varying times, some at change of state. The timer needs to reflect how often a packet is sent. Several Lua programs may need to be used and the EnOcean devices grouped with similar packet broadcast times. e.g. an infrequently used switch would be different to a temperature sensor.

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