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M-Bus Meter point information in communication logs


How to interpret a M-Bus point details in a VX communication log such as External Temp [C] {1:0:0}.


Xenta Server 913


The  External Temp [C] {1:0:0} message is providing important information about the point.

External Temp = Field Type

[C] = Unit

{1 = Storage #

:0: = Sub-Unit

0} = Tariff #


Use the details of the communication log message to correct configuration problems in the device editor.

MVAL External Temp [C] {1:0:0} value not required

This message provides device details that a point exists, but the Device Editor is not looking for it.

!MVAL External Temp [C] {2:0:0} =not received

A point is expected but was not found.

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