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M/STAT, I/STAT and most STR wall stats do not have any onboard memory and cannot store parameters.


Parameters, configurations, calibrations and other settings are not stored within the M/STAT, I/STAT, or any of the STR series wall sensors with the exception of the STR-350. No data can be carried with the stat from one controller to another.


  • M/STAT
  • I/STAT
  • STR-150
  • STR-250
  • MR-VAV
  • Xenta 102-AX
  • Xenta 121
  • Xenta 104-A
  • Various other STR series sensors and Xenta controllers


The aforementioned stats use only key code to communicate with their associated controllers and do not store any of their own parameters or settings.


These stats may be moved from one controller to the another or a controller may be replaced while maintaining the original stat without carrying over any settings from the original controller.

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