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MFC error on Continuum startup or Continuum won't start on HP PC


MFC error on util.dll on Continuum startup or Continuum won't start when using an Hewlett Packard PC even though Antivirus software isn't installed and the Windows Firewall was turned off during Continuum installation.

One of the symptoms of the interference of password protection software is to prompt to save passwords through a form. The Continuum database initialization has passwords, and a form with an image surrounded the database initialization dialog box. This made the dialog box look different than normal, and was the key that it was interfering with Continuum's normal operation.



Windows Server 2003

Windows Server 2008


HP Protect Tools are installed and interfering with the operation of Continuum


Uninstall HP Protect Tools and reinstall Continuum. Disabling HP Protect and reinstalling did not correct the issue.

There is a potential for other protection tools like Norton's password protect, McAfee Security Suite or a number of other password protection software that could interfere with the Continuum install.

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