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MNB controllers wired to the MSTP trunk of a MNB-1000 do not show up in the WorkPlace Commissioning Tool when connected via BACnet/IP.


MNB controllers wired to the MSTP trunk of a MNB-1000 do not show up in the WorkPlace Commissioning Tool when connected via BACnet/IP.


  • MNB-1000
  • WorkPlace Commissioning Tool


Settings and configuration on the MNB-1000 and WorkPlace Commissioning Tool.


Ensure that the MNB-1000’s MS/TP trunk is enabled.
Ensure that the MNB-1000's MS/TP network number is entered. 
Ensure that the Max Master count under the MSTP tab of the MNB-1000 is set with a number that is two more than the total number of controllers on the MSTP trunk. The MSTP addressing should have no gaps.

Also, set the “Browse Settings” to Global. The setting is located under File > Connect > Advanced menu of the WorkPlace Commissioning Tool. When the browse setting is configured for local, not all devices on all BACnet networks will display.

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