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MNL-800 will not communicate with the programming or network management software tools.


The MNL-800 controller will not communicate with the WorkPlace Tech tool nor will it communicate with LON network management software tools such as LonMaker or the I/A Series (Niagara) R2/G3 LON Device Manager software.

Symptom - Controller LEDs (top to bottom)

  • Green Power and Transmit Data (Green) – on solid (normal power condition)
  • Receive Data (Yellow) – may be flashing if data present on the bus
  • Service (Red) – flashing a repeated abnormal pattern (long flash / short flash)
  • Heartbeat (Green) – alternates on and off at a half second rate (normal)


MNL-800 on existing or new LON network

WorkPlace Tech Tool software or LON Network Management software


An analysis of field returns has identified a condition where the MNL-800 fails to communicate and appears to be resetting continuously. The controller has entered a condition where the Neuron’s image has been deemed corrupted due to an application checksum error or signature inconsistency. When this occurs, the Neuron is unable to complete the startup sequence resulting in the MNL-800 continuously resetting.


Follow the procedure documented in TPA-RKFD-09-0005.00 to reconfigure the communications processor in the MNL-800 controller.

In the unlikely event that this procedure does not correct the communications issue, please contact Product Support Services for additional assistance.

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