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MR-VAV-AX Damper Position not responding


Damper position and Valves do not respond to any commands that are sent to it.




The SPL setting on the device was set to 1650, this is a default setting but needs to be set to a correct value otherwise  the damper position would not function properly.


The chart below can be found in TCON147: ASC-VAV-AX Installation Guide, page 69. This shows what values need to be set for this to function.

Table 12. Shutdown/Purge/Lockout Values

S/P/L Value Mode Cooling Damper Heating Damper Auxiliary Heating
Fan Heat
0 to 99 Normal Modulating Modulating Cycling/On Cycling
100 to 199 Lockout - Heat Modulating Closed Off Off
200 to 299 Lockout - Cool Closed Modulating Cycling/Off Cycling
300 to 399 Lockout - Full Closed Closed Off Off
400 to 599 Purge CHF CHF On Off
600 and over Shutdown Closed Closed Off Off
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