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Managing Licensing distribution using the Option's file



How can we exclude Hosts or Users from accessing the Workstation Professional license i.e. Script, Function Block and Graphic editors from another Workstation?


StruxureWare Building Operation License Server / Administrator 1.2, 1.3, 1.4



When accessing various editors from within Workstation a particular license does not differentiate host or user who should have access to which editors.  Using the option file taclic.opt allows you to exclude certain Host / Users of StruxureWare Building Operation from accessing these Workstation clients.  

The Workstation clients referenced are as follows:

  • client.station (Workstation)
  • client.script (Script Editor)
  • client.functionblock.view (Function Block Editor)
  • client.graphiceditor  (Graphic Editor)


FLEXnet Licensing provides the options file to be included in the License Server directory.  Each time the License Server service is started this file is checked.  Syntax and use can be found in the attached document - Chapter 13

The following option file must reside in the following path: C:\Program Files\Schneider Electric StruxureWare\Building Operation 1.x\License Server. Once this file is copied into the License Server folder, you must restart the license service (via the Windows Control Panel, Administrative Tools, Services). 


# The following text excludes the features from Workstation Professional

# Use the following 3 Exclude statements if you wish to exclude an entire Workstation from accessing editors
EXCLUDE client.script HOST enter_host_name
EXCLUDE client.functionblock.view HOST enter_host_name
EXCLUDE client.graphiceditor HOST enter_host_name
# Use the following 3 Exclude statements if you wish to exclude a StruxureWare Building Operation User from accessing editors
# (remove #'s below as required)
# EXCLUDE client.script USER enter_user_name
# EXCLUDE client.functionblock.view USER enter_user_name
# EXCLUDE client.graphiceditor USER enter_user_name



The HOST can be defined by either DNS or IP Address

The USER is the user name as defined in StruxureWare Building Operation, this may be the same as the Windows username if using Windows Domain.

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